Domestic Abilities – Curse #31P

Posted on September 5, 2011


Almost all of light bulbs have burnt out this week. They are those ones that spiral and should never ever ever burn out. The only bulb that is still working is in my closet.  I told everyone that if we didn’t replace the bulbs, we wouldn’t be able to see at night. No one changed even a single bulb. This is awkward because now everyone spends their time in my closet, which is small and hot. The monsters that live in there are also unhappy because they are losing the advantage of surprise. Why do you do this to yourselves, the monsters ask.  Why do you let all these little things go until there so many that you cannot keep up, the monsters say. There is no answer for the monsters. Although all of us in the closet know that the light bulb could go out at any minute, we are less afraid of being swallowed by darkness than we are of being swallowed by these monsters who are so unimpressed with our domestic abilities.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse