Petting Zoos – Paranoia #8400

Posted on September 4, 2011


He recently began working at a petting zoo. The only problem is that he has a mind numbing fear of the diseases animals carry. For example, what if an animal has a tick and the tick gets on him and he gets Lyme disease?  This makes it difficult for the children. He refuses to let them pet the animals. The children begin to scream and cry because they cannot pet the Llama because the man working at the petting zoo is afraid it will spit on them and that they will get some paralyzing bacterial infection. This is also difficult on the animals, who have only one meaning in life which is to be pet by children. The animals have lost their spirit, except for the few animals that actually DO have a disease and are trying to spread it to the humans (who they view as oppressors and hate). There are also a lot of angry parents. The parents are angry because they have had children and now the children are screaming and to honest the parents sometimes feel like the man working at the petting zoo who feeds and cleans and sometimes tries to calm this savage beast or the other.

Posted in: Year 1: Paranoia