Sidewalk Rent – Comfort #332R

Posted on September 3, 2011


Someone has moved onto the front sidewalk. I called the city to report them, but they informed me that the city owns the sidewalk and is now renting it for additional revenue. I went outside and talked to the guy who is sleeping on the sidewalk. Why, I said. He said that he loved the weather this time of year and would be gone by December. But what if the bed and the sidewalk are so comfortable that you never leave, I asked. I don’t know, he replied. An honest answer. I wanted to be furious but in my mind I thought things would be so much easier if he did stay until December. The snow would be coming and he was an older man. He would surely freeze and the city would see how terrible the idea of renting sidewalks could be. Until then, he is hanging his underwear between trees and singing so early in the morning. I feel slightly ashamed that I am praying for an early frost.


Posted in: Year 1: Comfort