Fitting In – Curse #0430

Posted on August 30, 2011


We have all been eating insects lately. It’s the new fast food craze. I wasn’t okay with it at first, but I want to appear like everyone else and fit in. Fitting in is strategic because if you fit in it makes it easier to accomplish your goals. No one will give a job to an abnormal person. You have to seem nice, normal, and quiet. So I have been eating grasshoppers and sometimes a spider. The caterpillars are too squishy for me. It’s a texture thing.  I always pretend I’m eating Chipotle instead (the other most recent fast food craze).  This is why I’ve been adding salsa to all of my bugs. If you are interested in any trades please let me know. I have a few roaches and I could go for a burrito bowl. But please don’t tell anyone I’m not eating my insects. As I said, I’m trying to fit in.


Posted in: Year 1: Curse