The Many Parts of a Clock Tower – Curse #011

Posted on August 29, 2011


My friend and I continue to one up each other. He started it. He stole a candy bar. I stole a basketball. He stole a bike. I stole a treadmill. He stole an above ground pool. At this point I may have gone a little crazy. I stole an entire house. I waited until the people who were living in it went to work and I snuck in and changed the locks and bought a big dog that liked to snap his teeth and sing country music through sharp barks. My friend decided to up the ante. He stole a fleet of government cars. Very nice, I said. I’m impressed. Well, he said, you know I’m more creative than you. How dare he say such a thing! That is why I am now on the roof of this six story hospital. I am stealing the clock tower. I’m going to have it put on top of the house I stole. The only problem is that clock towers have a lot of parts and so it may take a few days. This is the problem with the competition of thieves that not many people know. We are going to one up each other until one of us gets caught or killed. After my friend sees the clock tower, I’m not sure what he will do. He may try to steal an entire bank. I may get jealous and try to steal something more difficult. Maybe I will steal an entire person or at least their heart or at least fool them into being with me. Banks and hearts are both risks that should be carefully approached. Both require masks and bags and sometimes a gun to pull off properly. If that doesn’t work, I will invite my friend to dinner at my new house and then, during dessert, let my dog tear him apart.

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