Large Rock People – Personalities #17

Posted on August 22, 2011


There is this exercise that school counselors ask their students to do in which they will mention a mundane item and ask how many uses the child can come up with for it. Sometimes the mundane item is a paper plate or an envelope. Some counselors ask the children about large rocks. This is a way to recognize children that may be gifted and talented. This is also how the counselors single out the Large Rock People. Large Rock People will think about the large rock and the potential uses and only come up with one — to bash people in the feet. This is also a reason why Large Rock People are not welcomed in gifted and talented classrooms. Sometimes the Large Rock People manage to get out into society. For example, maybe they are diagnosed with Dyslexia or Schizophrenia instead of Large Rock Personality Syndrome. They are generally easy to spot because they grow over seven feet tall. If you ever see a Large Rock Person, you should flee. Their imagination is limited and they will crush your toes.

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