What Was That Beer’s Name? – Curse #900

Posted on August 21, 2011


Something has been happening to the beers in my refrigerator.  They are losing their identities. The beers no longer see a purpose in having labels. They have lost their meaning in life. While I respect this deeply existential problem, it is a pain in my ass. I no longer know if I’m drinking a lager or a hard cider. Depressed beer also tastes terrible. I keep telling my beers that there is plenty of meaning in life. For example, how will I get a beer belly without them? Unfortunately beer is somewhat weak. At least six bottles have committed suicide this week. They fall out of the fridge in one final act of despair, shattering and causing a mess. It’s exhausting, these beers and their moods. This is why I will be switching to hard liquor. Or maybe a nice red wine .

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