Enough to Go Bonkers – Curse #3340

Posted on August 17, 2011


A carnival moved into the empty lot behind my house.  The city I live in has no zoning or building codes.  Anyone can do anything they want.  The carnival people are a little off in the head.  One example is that they have been running a prison for children.  They put the children in these giant pumpkins and suspend them in the air.  Not only does this seem to be an overkill, but I have to hear children singing songs from Saturday morning cartoons all night long.  Not many people know this, but Saturday morning cartoons are not what they used to be.  The songs are so catchy that the only way to get them out of your head is with a bullet.  Another problem is that that carnival has opened up a trash disposal service and contracts with the city. They fry all of the trash and then sell it to people who visit the carnival for the rides and games.  The smell is stomach turning.  I have lost a lot of friends.  They refuse to come to my dinner parties and no longer want to hang out with someone who hums Saturday morning cartoons and smells like fried trash.  Those friends that still do come to my dinner parties are the “not allowed to own scissors” type.  Bonkers.

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