Narrowing Down the Criteria – Advice #481

Posted on August 16, 2011


He had a booth at the zoo and he stood in it and put a sign out front and on that sign were these rules about what he required in a woman. The funny thing is that this was not his idea. His mother put him up to it. When she saw his sign and his requirements she said that he should aim a little lower. After all he was in his forties and if there was any chance at all for children he should act with haste. But I don’t want one armed children, he said to his mother. I am forty, he said to his mother. If there is any chance that I will have a healthy child, I will need a very young woman who is 26 years of age and who has excellent eggs. A one armed child is better than no child, she said. But what about the children that come out with the fangs and a taste for people, he said. A child with fangs and a taste for people is better than no child, she said. But the grandmothers always die in those movies, he said. So be it, she said. It’s for the grandchild, she said. His mother took the sign and checked a few boxes, narrowing down the criteria.

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