Getting a Nickname – Advice #327

Posted on August 14, 2011


Everyone around the office had a nickname. He wanted a nickname too. He took up smoking because he was hoping to be called “The Chimney”. This name sounded phallic and masculine to him. He thought that if he could obtain such a nickname he would become more successful with the ladies. He did not do his research very well. There were already six other smokers with a nickname that involved a chimney. Instead, people started calling him “Paper Factory” which did not sound nice at all. His boss had grown up near a paper factory. The nickname reminded his boss of the hideous smell. The smell of a paper factory is so thick that if you were to suck in air through your mouth you could taste it. Because of this he lost his job which wasn’t so bad. He hoped that he could start fresh in the unemployment line. Maybe there would be fewer smokers and he would have a better chance at becoming known as “The Chimney”.

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