End of the Races – Curse #993

Posted on August 11, 2011


The dogs were great at racing but would only do so if fed prime rib. That’s how the pig races began. Pigs would eat anything. The dogs were not happy that the pigs had taken their livelihood and so they ate the pigs and realized that they had a taste for bacon. Since the pigs were gone the dogs sat down with the race track owners and began to barter their return. No prime rib, the owners of the race track said. What about children, the dogs offered. No children, the race track owners said. What about some really small children, the dogs said. How about dog food, the owners said. No, the dogs said, we want prime rib wrapped in bacon or you get no show.  The race track owners were outraged by this request. They had the dogs put to sleep. There were no more races and the track was shut down and became a local haunt for dancing dope fiends and black eyed children who liked to hide in the overgrowth.

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