Visitors Seeking Pie – Curse #224

Posted on August 7, 2011


I brought home an apple pie and found a five year old in my townhouse. Who are you, I said.

I’m a five year old, she said.

Where is your mother, I said.

She said, she is asleep upstairs.

I said, I don’t understand. What are you doing in my house?

Nice apple pie you got there, she said.

I moved into a protective position, placing myself between her and the pie.

Yes, I said. It is a nice pie.

She asked, apple?

Yes, I said.

I’m going to get my mother to give me some tomorrow morning, she said. When you’re still asleep.

No, I said. You will not!

I know you sleep in late, she said. Really late. I’ll eat it all up. My mother, me, and my sisters.

I asked, there are more of you?

There are many, many of us, she said.

So that she would not eat my pie as I slept in, I ate the entire thing in one sitting. The pie was delicious but because I ate so much it gave me worms. I got sick and locked myself in the upstairs bathroom, where all these strangers could not find me. After a few days the worms died and I got better. When I went downstairs I found an empty house. They had eaten everything, including the couch and the flat screen and even the dog. There were only a few scraps and a pile of gnawed bones. I said to no one in particular, this neighborhood is going to hell.

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