Burton Morris – Comfort #302

Posted on August 3, 2011


My good friend and I were having shots of whiskey and talking about our extremely successful futures. I have a business plan, he said. I’m going to buy really old buildings downtown and then I’m going to demolish them and build parking lots. He pulled out some financial projections and they looked brilliant. The entrepreneur in me was impressed. He had a healthy bottom line and would be wealthy as hell. The city planner in me was horrified. That’s all the city needs, I thought, more black holes in the downtown.

I had to stop the madman.

When we left the bar I murdered him in an alley. I stole his business plan because it was far too evil to fall into irresponsible hands. I stored his body in a freezer and then a few months later I buried him beneath a newly constructed parking lot. I was a responsible man. I would build just this one lot. Just this once. But even then I knew that ‘just this once’ could easily turn into an addictive drug and I would end up polluting the world one parking lot at a time. I made the decision that I’d be filthy rich and live outside the city.

I had pride and so I named my parking lots to try and give them some character. The first was Burton Morris.


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