Animal Sounds – Curse #4440

Posted on August 1, 2011


We set out to collect all of the sounds animals make. She had a recorder and I had a sharp eye for spotting creatures lurking in the forest.

Look there, I said. My sharp eyes have caught some animals. Let’s go.

Hello, she said to a cow.

The cow went, moo, mOooooOOOo.

Hello, she said to a horse.

The horse said, neigggghhhhhhhhhhh!

There was a squirrel. The squirrel said, I’ve killed ten other squirrels today. But that’s nothing compared to what the bears are doing.

Look over there, I said. My sharp eyes have spotted the bears.

They were not shy. They were in love. We turned the recorder off because the sounds were not rated PG-13.

I want to go home, she said.

No, I said. We’re on a mission to collect all of the animal sounds.

I really want to go home, she said. I had no idea what animals are like.

We collected the sounds of a snake high on morphine and an elephant that wasn’t sure how he managed to find himself in a dedecious North American forest. There were chipmunks plotting bank robberies and a Sasquatch that swore he was Winnie the Pooh. A duck came out of no where and tried to rob us, but he was eaten by a paradoxical. The dogs were howling songs that made our ears hurt and a single werewolf asked us to dinner. What the wolf meant to say was that he wanted to ask her to dinner and he was charming so she accepted and I was left with the recorder, walking around, looking for snails and rabbits, trying to capture the rest of the sounds.

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