Food on the Table – Paranoia #520

Posted on July 31, 2011


He was concerned when the janitors began placing fire hazard signs on each floor of the building. Were they expecting a fire, he thought. Was there really a hazard that had not been present before (such as popcorn left in the microwave too long, sitting next to a barrel of kerosene)?

Fires were not in his job description. He was an IT guy and spent the day plugging and unplugging computers. If he had been a volcano expert or one of those carnival sorts that swallow flaming swords, sure, it would make sense. But he wasn’t, and so he quit his job, fearing the possible fire. Shortly after he quit he died of starvation when he couldn’t afford to put food on the table. At his funeral the eulogy went: Another job? As an IT guy? In this economy? Come on. He had great teeth though. Great teeth. May he rest in peace.

There wasn’t enough money for a burial, so the county cremated him.

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