Bug Eye Sunglasses – Curse #4112

Posted on July 20, 2011


Lately, my shadow, which I normally have a decent relationship with, has been a terrible little shit. My shadow has been on a style kick. Yesterday he lifted a pair of sunglasses into the air to show me how cool he thought he was. The sunglasses were hideous. They were large and looked like bug eyes. I have a difficult time trusting my shadow as it is. I have a difficult time trusting anything that only comes out in the presence of light, which I think shows a certain lack of transparency and courage. Now I am plotting the death of my shadow, thinking that maybe I can cast him into the street and a bus will happen to roll by and crush him.

It is funny how certain parts of a person can disagree with other parts, like how my shadow is disagreeing with my taste in fashion. I must be careful.  If I do not make an example of my shadow soon, other parts of me may begin to act out. I cannot afford to let my brain or my stomach or my heart become individuals. They would tear me apart.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse