Recycling Bins – Comfort #065

Posted on July 15, 2011


She has been sending me letters requesting a refund. We split ten months ago, clean and clear. This was a no refund kind of investment, I wrote her. I don’t agree, she wrote me. I want a refund, she wrote. She wanted a year plus two months as interest. In a way, I wrote her, I gave you an education on the disgusting nature of men. She wrote back, I’m going give you an education on being stabbed with a pen.

I have begun to throw her requests for a refund in the recycle bin. Soon it will be full and I will have to consult a paper shredder. I have not yet been stabbed in the face with a pen. I anticipate it will come any day now, and in a way I look forward to it. There is something attractive in the subtext of the violence of a scorned woman.

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