How to Handle Insanity in the Workplace – Advice #551P

Posted on July 10, 2011


We are happy to have jobs. Don’t think that we are not happy to have jobs. Please don’t tell our managers that we don’t like our jobs. The fact of the matter is that a lot of us have been going crazy lately. The economy caused downsizing so those of us who are very lucky and very happy to have their jobs have been living in the office and going somewhat crazy. Because we are going crazy, and I mean clinical crazy, we have had to hire some interns who have been putting us in straight jackets and carting us down the steps (because we can no longer afford elevators) and taking us to the funny house. Because this is hard work the company has graciously been adding chairs on the stairwells. Only the interns can sit in these chairs. They sit there while they regain their strength for the next sixty flights. I don’t mind that the interns are getting these chairs but they took away our office chairs earlier in the year and now I have to stand all day while I punch away at spreadsheets. I’m beginning to see these pictures in all these number cells. I’m beginning to think the pictures are talking to me and the interns are catching on. They circle my cubicle every few hours. They are watching for any signs of drooling or biting or strange talking. I don’t trust the interns. They are trying to get their foot in the door by carting away with those of us who are really happy to have our jobs even if they are difficult jobs and jobs that maybe aren’t as nice as they once were but very good just the same.

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