Dream Men – Curse #599

Posted on July 8, 2011


He is trying to impress her for a second time. The first time did not work. She was not impressed with how much he could drink.

I’m leaving, she says.

Baby, he says. Baby, wait. Baby, wait just one second.

Stop calling me baby, she says. Why should I wait?

I want to show you a magic trick, he says.

Okay, she says. But this is your last chance.

He takes two fingers and taps the coffee table. Wallah, he says.

They wait five minutes. Okay, she says. What’s the trick?

Baby, he says. Baby, look at the table.

Stop calling me baby, she says. What about the table?

In no more than thirty years, he says, this table will collapse and be no more. Wallah! Magic.

You’re an idiot, she says.

Baby, he says. Baby, I’m your dream man.

You stupid bastard, she says. Don’t call me baby.

And that is how she stopped dating men from the internet.

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