Tonka Trucks – Comfort #442

Posted on July 7, 2011


I’m stuck inside this pocket. I first noticed that I was shrinking when the paper clips became the size of my fist. I worked at a bank at the time. All of our paperclips were gold. I told my girlfriend about my shrinking, but she said she couldn’t tell a difference. I began to shrink more quickly and so I hid a whole box of gold paperclips in my backyard. I buried them next to the maple trees. They were insurance. I became so small that I had to climb giant mountains of lint on our bed. My girlfriend didn’t see me, but she did put her favorite pants out to wear. I climbed into the pocket and I’ve been there ever since. It’s been months now. I’ve been feeding on whatever I can, mostly thread. She waited a good two weeks before moving on. Now I have to listen to her dates. She goes out with some very boring men that she meets on a dating website like She loves to tell people about how I disappeared. Makes me look really bad, but yet here I am the whole time, nibbling on thread while she eats expensive Italian food. Sometimes I sit in the bottom of the pocket and I think about my gold paperclips buried in the backyard. My god, I think. So much gold for such a small person. I’m rich. My god, I think. How am I going to dig them out? I need a Tonka truck.