Bad Dog – Curse #277

Posted on July 5, 2011


You are sleeping on the rug tonight, she told him. She was in the middle of a fierce scolding.  She had a rolled up paper and had smacked him on the nose several times already.

No, he said, not that! He was trembling now.  He had been bad again. He had broken a vase and ate all of the lunch meat. After drinking several cans of beer he had to urinate and did so in the bedroom, right on their expensive comforter. To top it off he had been shedding again — male pattern baldness had set in.

I leave you alone for one night, she said. One NIGHT and you ruin the entire house. You are a dog, she said. You are a god damn dog!

Please don’t make me sleep on the rug, he said. He knew the rug well. It had fleas. It was also very thin and cold on the hardwood in the middle of December.

Bad dog, she said. BAD. You will sleep there tonight. Maybe even tomorrow night.

But I don’t have any fur, he said.

Bad dog, she said.

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