The Homeless – Budget Cut #1

Posted on June 30, 2011


The city was in a serious bind because it no longer had any money. Not only did the city no longer have any money, they also had a lot of debt. The first logical step was to fire all of the homeless people. The city planners were sent out to do this. They would find a group of homeless people, ask them their names, and then check them off a comprehensive list. A lot of the homeless people didn’t want to lose their jobs. Sometimes the planners would have to threaten them with sticks. There were many reasons the homeless did not want to lose their jobs. The benefits were great and they had an excuse to get away from their wives and kids for the day. The bourbon and lack of showers was another plus. Sorry, the city planners said to the homeless. We’ll probably be the next ones to get cut, they said with a shrug. The homeless people were all bused back to the suburbs, back to their lives of comfort, to shave and bathe and to no longer be gainfully employed by the city. The lack of the homeless really brought the mood of the city down a notch. Without homeless people with which to compare, no one could really put the economy into perspective.