The Baby in the Tree – Curse #494

Posted on June 22, 2011


Thomas, she said. There is a baby in the tree. There really is!

Thomas was finishing a beer and turning the burgers. There was a pleasant searing sound and he looked at her with an amused smile. Lil, he said. Lil, I don’t hear a baby, honey.

Lillian was beginning to grow frantic. Thomas, I hear a baby in the tree. I hear a BABY in the tree and you are sitting there just GRILLING.

Lil, calm down, he said. The amusement drained from his features and he shook the spatula at her. Go get the ladder why don’t you. He almost burst out laughing but controlled himself. Go climb up and see.

I will, she said. She stormed into the garage and carried the old ladder to the tree and set it sturdy against the trunk.

Lil, said Thomas. Don’t climb up that ladder. I’m telling you there isn’t a baby up there.

With special attention paid to her skirt, she climbed the ladder very lady like. She listened. There, she yelled down. I hear it.

The baby was crying.

Dig around for it, yelled Thomas, but he seemed so far away to her now.

I think I see it, she yelled down, almost slipping from the high perch. She saw a basket. She grabbed for the basket but gasped when she felt how light it was and how the sound of the baby was becoming more mechanical. This is a sick joke, she screamed down.

Crash. Thomas had pushed the ladder over. She could barely make out a smile on his face. He was smoking a cigarette and smiling. What was he playing, she thought.

She lost her balance then, she slipped off the limb and fell down and down and then hit the ground with a hard thump. Thomas, she muttered. She could see his sandals near her face and smell the burgers burning.

I told you there wasn’t a baby, Thomas said. He was laughing, a heavy and hysterical laughter. I got you good, he said.

The men in the neighborhood were getting very proficient at tricking the women.

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