Fallen Detour Signs – Comfort #556

Posted on June 19, 2011


For a moment she assumes that because the road is closed the world has ceased to exist. Her heart becomes a flurry of excited beats as this means that those who are waiting for her on the other end of the road are no longer her responsibility. There is a momentary feeling of freedom and then the moment fades and there is a faint guilt and a more apparent dismay as she recognizes the detour sign that has been knocked down. She makes a hard right turn and begrudgingly accepts that the world still exists. This would be a tragic moment but she foolishly holds on to a glimmer of hope. The infrastructure in the United States is old and eventually the roads will rot out and the world really will end, or so she hopes during those daily moments of difficulty.  As she cruises down the detour the only sound to be heard is the windshield wipers as they tirelessly swipe aside raindrops.

Posted in: Year 1: Comfort