My New Dog – Curse #461

Posted on June 17, 2011


I do not have children. My neighbors do not have children. The elderly couple across the street have children but their children are old. I keep asking, who are these children that are in my backyard every night? Who do they belong to? They pull up the grass and shake the chain-link fence and sing songs about plagues and coffins.  Every time I open a window and yell at them they giggle and scurry away to hide under the cars or in the bushes or in the alley. My new dog is always barking and gnashing his teeth and clawing at the back door. He wants to get outside and chase the children down the alley. My new dog is my new dog because my old dog got out and chased the children down the alley. He never returned, so I have the new dog now. He is a pretty good dog, but he sheds and drools more so than my last dog. My mother came to visit and she suggested that I adopt these children. Mother, I said, there are at least ten children and I cannot even afford a wife in this economy, much less ten children. Mother said, what do you think will happen to those children when they grow up without parents? Mother, I say, these are the kind of children that never grow up.

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