The Origin of the Inner Monologue – Comfort #865

Posted on June 16, 2011


Friends stopped inviting him over for parties and social calls. He had a rare disease, one in which he would sneeze post-it notes that contained his inner thoughts. They would go all over the place, sticky ideas that were not meant for mass consumption. He began to learn a language no one else knew so that his notes would be illegible to other people. He believed that this would make him a more attractive guest, but no American trusted a man who walked around sneezing notes in Russian.  It never got that far. Russian was difficult to learn and he offended his instructor quickly when he sneezed during a test and all these post-it notes came flying out. He was expelled for cheating because at the time his disease was not considered a handicap, merely a challenge.  This proves a majority of people don’t want to know what their neighbors are thinking, that the inner monologue is a device of evolution developed to allow society to tolerate one another.