The Interests of Children – Curse #226

Posted on June 14, 2011


The alley cats are killing birds all over town. If they were eating the birds the crimes would be justified. But they are not eating the birds. They are just leaving them there, throats torn out. The alley cats are killing the birds because the alley cats do not sing as well as the birds sing. The alley cats spend all night singing terribly, having bottles thrown at them, being screamed at to shut up for God’s sake shut up! If there were a competition and trophies were awarded the birds would win hands down. This is especially true of the pigeons who have a low but moving song and who have been particularly targeted in the recent murders.

The killings are nothing more than feline jealousy.

The greater portion of the murders are happening at the playground, which is to the delight of the children, who for some reason are fascinated by dead things. The adults are beginning to wonder, what is wrong with our children? Why are they so fascinated by dead things?

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