Robots Touching Robots – Comfort #89

Posted on June 7, 2011


The scientists have given the robots a synthetic brain that functions along a logic model. The robots are now able to do all the things a human can, such as running away from small dogs and picking their noses. There are several issues centered around the logic model that are making our robots unsuitable for market.  For one, it is impossible to program a logic circuit for political orientation. Test marketing indicates that this is a serious factor in the consumer’s decision to buy a robot. Consumers want a robot that believes what they believe about bailing out banks and medical marijuana and school prayer. Another disturbing complication has arisen in the past several weeks. Whenever one robot encounters another robot, they invariably begin to touch each other without any shame or restraint. Dr. Fijiwa, the lead scientist regarding visual stimuli and its relationship to the logic model, has been fired after offering the single explanation, “Some things come naturally.”

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