Humoring Despair – Curse #662f

Posted on June 3, 2011


Lear was trying to cheer up his dearest friend when they came upon a feature in the house that they had never seen before.  Look here, he said to his friend. Isn’t this something? I’ve never seen one of these.

Yeah, sure, said the friend.

We should name this, Lear said to his friend. What should we name this? Come on. Cheer up. This could be fun if you let it be.

Despair, said the friend. We should call it despair.

Oh right, Lear said. Of course. Despair. I should have known that you would want to call it Despair. Yeesh. How about something more cheerful? Maybe something that sounds like success!

Death, said the friend. Death and a violent end. That would be a success for me.

No, no, Lear said. Maybe we could call it WIN something. Like win… um…

The friend was making a pouty face and accidentally bit their upper lip. DOH, said the friend. That really hurt!

Right, Lear said. Window. We’ll call it a window.

The friend peered out of the fantastical object. There is open space out there, said the friend. We are high, said the friend. I should jump now, said the friend. Stand back, Lear.

(Inspired by a tweet by Wigleaf, see the twitter feed)



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