One Hypothesis for the Origins of Gated Communities – Comfort #326B

Posted on June 1, 2011


Monsters had been devouring the citizenry after dusk. Because of this, the local government decided to dismantle all of the lamp posts in the city.  The logic was that lamp posts provided light for the beasts to better find victims in the night. This was not the intention of the lamp posts, which were designed to let the citizens get from point A to point B during the hours in which the sun grows lazy. For some reason the city officials did not think that monsters can see in the dark. In fact, the monsters particularly benefit from the new policy. Devouring the living without the lights on makes the affair less awkward. This change in municipal policy has also pleased the suburban developers. Fearing the dark, the good people have fled the city to live in gated communities, a place where light is not needed and the only things to fear are filling the gas tank for the morning commute or getting lost in a cul-de-sac.