Cheesecake Annexation – Curse #207

Posted on May 31, 2011


There are ways to measure where in time and space a relationship resides. One method consists of simply watching two lovers share a slice of cheesecake. Near the beginning of a relationship the lovers are slow and methodical. They do not want to overindulge or take more than their fair share of the cake. Additionally, they do not want to look like slobs intent on getting fat after securing a mate.

In a matured relationship the two lovers no longer care.  In fact, they begin to race each other and compete to see who can annex and devour the greater share of the cheesecake. This is similar to other characteristics of matured relationships which can include an increased tolerance towards body odor, a postmodern analysis of every gesture and word, and a propensity to engage in what could only be called ‘hateful lovemaking’, full of snarls and punching.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse