Horses These Days – Curse #194R

Posted on May 29, 2011


The Horses have been heading into the city to dance and drink whiskey. Our guess is that life on the farm has become boring for them. This isn’t a far fetched idea, because most of us on the farm are bored too. In the mornings, the Horses are worthless. Their hangovers are so bad they cannot plow the fields. They cannot even stomach the sight of grain. We are lucky that Horses cannot throw up. We would have to spend the morning walking around and cleaning up vomit. The Horses, if they come home at all, just lay around in the barn. They usually feel better around sundown, when they head back into the city to dance again.  This is going to ruin the farm. We will need to go and hire some illegal immigrants, but that is difficult too. Ever since the government built the wall, they have been in short supply.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse