Brushing – Curse #4294

Posted on May 28, 2011


She is afraid to have the six holes in her teeth filled. The dentist tells her to not worry, that she will not remember anything, and writes her a prescription for Triazolam.  He is right. She looks in the mirror one morning and her teeth are like new.  She thinks this could be a brilliant way of life, one in which she will only remember important things. For example, she would never pop a pill before grocery shopping. Aisle nine has the mocha ice cream, and aisle fourteen has the dark chocolate bars. These are the most interesting things in her life, and the moments that send her to the dentist again and again. She devours the grocery store and holes grow in her molars and incisors. She has begun to forget about brushing, because she doesn’t have to live through the pain and suffering of the dentist. Instead, she pops Triazolam and sleeps through the less interesting stuff.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse