Ahab – Curse #5251

Posted on May 24, 2011


These days I am trying to stay positive. When I find that I have a few minutes, I will list positive things in life. For example, a running bath is positive in that it drowns out distracting sounds. Another positive thing about a running bath is when the water is drained and how that sound also isolates the ears. If I were laying in a bath tub and the water was running, or draining, and I received a telephone call that was negative, such as someone who wants money or maybe news that my uncle in Arkansas had died, I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t hear them.

There are negative things about bath water, such as dirt and grime and the way one’s skin prunes. Once I fell asleep in a bathtub over night and suffered dehydration and had to be rushed to the emergency room.  I nearly died, but this is not a negative aspect of baths, it is merely a risk and bath water carries many of these. Other risks include bubbles or drowning or growing gills or becoming lost at sea or blood feuds with whales and finally, the most critical, going deaf in both ears.

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