How to Wear a Dress Shirt – Advice #375J

Posted on May 22, 2011


Forget everything you know about the symbolism of the dress shirt. We are not concerned with theory. We are chasing practicality.

Start with the decision as to whether or not to layer the dress shirt. The challenge arises when you consider the proverb: it is what is on the inside that counts. If this is true then the shirt you wear under the dress shirt is even more important than the dress shirt itself.  This proverb also speaks volumes to the even more critical choice that is boxers versus briefs.

Never forget to wear a tie. While the color and pattern of the tie are not important, make certain the tie is snug. This will ensure that the head is firmly attached to rest of the body. This is why men wear these shirts. Men are always losing their heads in this way or that. In a pinch the tie will also make an excellent noose.

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