Raising Careful Adults – Advice #46F

Posted on May 21, 2011


To avoid paper cuts, he always handles envelopes tenderly. So far, he has been successful. He is a careful adult. If during an interview he were asked, what is your first memory of carefulness, he would have to think. He would reference all of his early memories and then he would talk about the elevator. He would say that he was once nearly swallowed whole by this department store elevator he once knew. His father held him back just in time and then said, watch out for those elevators. They are hungry and they love little boys. He would say, I know as a careful adult that elevators have no teeth or bellies, but I still take the stairs, keeping my eyes to the ground, making certain I don’t miss a step. Being a careful adult, he does not drink diet soda or fall in love or miss the deadline for paying his taxes.

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