Prophets – Paranoia #773

Posted on May 20, 2011


We are pretty sure that tomorrow is the end of times, or at least the Rapture. People are running around gathering water or praying or spelling words incorrectly (like too and to).  I’ve spent my time erecting a fence with barbed wire, because I’m fairly certain I will not make the first cut.

When I say we are PRETTY sure tomorrow is the end of times, we don’t really know. Some civil engineer predicted this one. Civil engineers are pretty quantitative, serious men, so we’re going to hedge our bets and just go forward with the assumption he got this one right.

If the end doesn’t come tomorrow, we’ll have to stop relying on prophets. They haven’t been so successful in the past. Computers are getting pretty good at complicated things like predictions and providing us plenty of videos that have kittens picking their noses. More importantly computers never lie, but if they did, it probably wouldn’t be for attention.

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