Childrens Bedtime Story #22

Posted on May 18, 2011


Okay, this is what we are going to read for bedtime, the man says. It is called ‘The Little Loofah that Could’.

I don’t want to read that, she says. She is seven and angry and shakes a finger at him.

But this is an educational story, he says. It’s about having good hygiene.

She picks her nose.

Don’t do that, he says. Stop that this instant.

Why, she says.

Because, he says. It’s disgusting.

I can’t help it, she says.

I don’t care, he says. That’s why you get sick all the time. That’s why you get colds and the flu and diabetes.

I don’t believe you, she says.

It’s true, he says. And some people get meningitis and die, he says.

I don’t believe you, she cries.

He says, it’s true!

I can’t help it, she cries. I can’t help picking it!

Just try and stop for a week and see if it works, he says. So you don’t get dysentery and die of a cough. You don’t want to die do you?

This is the worse bedtime story ever, she says. I’m going to tell my mommy.

Whatever, let’s just read ‘The Little Loofah that Could’, he says.