Hinterlands of Tulsa – Comfort #5

Posted on May 15, 2011


A man discovers a scar on his forearm and cannot remember where this scar came from. He quickly grows angry with this scar. He is not angry because of the cosmetic implications, but rather that the scar has failed at its job which is to serve as a symbol to some past memory, to some possible mistake. Was it a dog that bit him and left this scar? If so, he will stop feeding so many strange dogs. Did a date stab him with a knife? If so, perhaps he is the type of man that deserves to get stabbed. He simply does not know because the scar does not reflect any memory.

When so many people are looking for jobs, this scar is not carrying its own weight. The man tries to remove the scar but as much as he claws and cries the scar remains on his arm, a lazy loafer. It is not until the man is dying in a nursing home that his vague delusions create a story for the scar, one that involves bear fighting in the hinterlands of Tulsa — a false memory that gives the scar a good laugh.