Trouble Finding a Job – Curse #591P

Posted on May 12, 2011


We came to work to find that the boxes had moved into our cubes. We were provided a forty point list as to why management was replacing our entire department with box labor, but the primary reasons were that boxes did not need bathroom breaks and they never watched YouTube videos during work hours and there was no disability leave (if a box broke a side, you just threw it into the dumpster, no ethical issue there).

We were offered new positions at the box factory, but that too ended quickly when the factory decided to automate the process. At that point we were left asking: where are the jobs these days, the ones where you can’t get replaced by a machine or a box? We waited for our unemployment checks, but they never came. Turns out boxes are terrible at paper work, feeling that it might be an act of cannibalism, or at the very least torture. Some of us ended up starving to death. Those left found work putting the dead in boxes and then putting those into the ground.

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