Global Warming – Curse #9211

Posted on May 10, 2011


She had been feeling good lately, so she decided to see her doctor. I’ve been feeling good lately, she said. The doctor wasn’t very concerned. He had many patients suffering from gout and herpes and it was also a particularly messy Ebola season. I can write you a prescription, he told her. She then thought she heard him say: I’ll give you something to make you nauseous. What the doctor actually said was: I’ll give you something to make you gaseous.

She filled the prescription and went home determined to stop feeling good. She popped two pills and within minutes her body was breaking down and transforming into a cloud of gas. Oh no, she cried. It was a cheerful spring day and she had left the windows open. She was caught in the draft and pulled out of her apartment. She was feeling guilty about the situation. She had a bumper sticker against global warming, and yet here she was unable to tell where she would end up in the atmosphere. This made her sad which in turn made her satisfied which also made her think she should probably make another appointment with the doctor.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse