Picking Targets – Advice #220I

Posted on May 7, 2011


She Breaks Down the Difference

When tempted, most people say: I can’t. This man, a good man, is different in that he says: I won’t.

Evil women love good men, and this hint of restraint makes her believe the chase will be amusing.

She Chooses Her Weapons 

She knows that any good man can be destroyed. She reviews the arsenal of weapons at her disposal: a tray of chocolate chip cookies, a butcher knife, one female body, two soft lips, a mix CD, a can of gasoline, soggy matches, an orphan tied to a railroad track (which serves as bait for any good man), a push-up bra, a nose ring, one apple pie laced with arsenic.

She Re-Evaluates

After much time passes, she believes that the good man isn’t a good man at all and that he has always been an evil man. What is worse, she says to herself, is that this evil man has strung her along and wasted her time. She realizes this after seeing him help an old woman with her groceries only to steal a banana, after he marries an innocent church girl, and upon meeting him, on more than one occasion in the park, where he is pushing a stroller with some child that may or may not have been stolen.

He was so talented at giving just enough resistance to make her believe she would one day overcome him, that she would one day be able to dent him.

Things would be much easier, she wagers, if she were to find an average man — maybe an accountant or family man — and destroy him instead.

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