Drunk Girls, Low Rents – Curse #110JP

Posted on May 5, 2011


Professor Geoffrey means to execute me. I know this because he wrote in the margins of my statistics midterm: Figure these numbers out before the final or I will have to murder you as an example to the other students. There isn’t a whole lot to say in my defense, except that math is hard and I should have switched majors. Our parents want us to be doctors but they never tell us about professors like Geoffrey, or how hard college can be. To be honest, I came to college for the drunk girls and low rents. I have been thinking about skipping the final, but Geoffrey has been following me around. If I stop for a cup of coffee  he is there standing next to the creamer, pointing right at me. Sometimes he sits in the stall next to mine. If he doesn’t kill me in the classroom, he will somewhere.  I can see the headline now: Student Murdered in Dorm — ‘Another Statistic’. And I don’t like this headline, because it makes fun of a very difficult subject. Statistics. Not murder.

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