The Deceptive Nature of Pillows – Paranoia #49C

Posted on May 3, 2011


This woman approaches him with a pillow, a dirty pillow that is decorated with stains. There is a moment, a fight or flight or be gracious type of moment, where he questions her intentions. One question he has is if she offers the pillow for his benefit, for him to lie down and to relax his back which is tired after having run thirteen miles to see her. A second question he has is whether she is still angry about the misunderstanding with the hotel maid in Las Vegas, an incident in which she thought that he had stared at the maid’s ass when in fact he was merely noting her truly fascinating uniform.

If she is still angry, a feeling that contributed to a recently broken nose, the offering of the pillow may be a gesture at suffocation. Could she, with such a small body, hold him down and press the pillow over his mouth and nose and succeed at suffocating him?

She did, after all, drive him thirteen miles out of the city with the false promise of a country drive and a Dairy Queen, only to abandon him and force him to run back, placing him in a physically exhausted state that could be seen as advantageous to any suffocation attempt. Soon his mind will shut down, tired from processing these possible intentions that have arisen from the mere offering of a ragged pillow, a pillow that could be beneficial or murderous, just like this woman who offers it.