Sexism in Violence – Comfort #97

Posted on April 29, 2011


There is a man and a woman in a bar arguing over violence. Men have so many weapons, the woman says.

So do women, the man says.

Well men have rockets and death rays, the woman says.

Men aren’t as dangerous, the man says.

That’s ridiculous, the woman says.

No, it’s true, the man says.

You have a shotgun, an axe, and a set of carving knives at home, the woman says.

I have those things, but women are still more dangerous, the man says.

How is that even possible, the woman says.

Men have to make their weapons, the man says.

So, she says.

Women are inherently born with a set of very efficient weapons, the man says. They win through attrition. They attack slowly. They savor the kill. Men don’t do that.

That’s pretty sexist, the woman says. Are you going to finish that beer? No, you’re not. Here. Let me finish your beer.

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