Teeth Part 8 – Paranoia #545G

Posted on April 20, 2011


He says, my teeth are falling out. Look. There goes another.

She smiles at him, inadvertently baring her white, sharp teeth.

He says, you have pretty teeth.

That’s because I take care of them, she says. And I don’t drink copious amounts of coffee and alcohol.

Wait, he says. Stop right there. He spits out another tooth, a molar, and then slurs out something bothering him. When did you start using these big words, he says.

She says, what are you talking about?

Copious, he says. When did you start this? Where are you picking these words up at?

It’s not even a big word, she says.

He says, are you being COPIOUS with someone else?

That’s not even the way the word is used, she says.

No, no, he says. Are you? Are you out there being copious? Abundant? Lovely and bold and abundant?

Blood is foaming around his lips. He has lost six teeth in the last twelve hours and the bleeding will not stop.

I am a dear, she says. And here you are insulting me.

You are a dear, he says. But I think you may be a copious dear to some professor or a linguist maybe. Who is he?

She goes into the kitchen and comes back with a towel for the blood. I am a dear, she says.

You are god damn magnanimous, he says.

I’m cyclopean in stature, she says.

He says, who is he?

She says, honey, stop talking. If you pronounce any more syllables you will lose your front teeth. Interdental fricatives, she says. Like the word like, or lovely, she says. Honey, stop talking.

He says, I knew it. He’s a linguist.

Wipe your mouth, she says.

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