Mushrooms – Comfort #941

Posted on April 18, 2011


“What are you watching?”

“What am I watching? A spaceship. Wanna see?”

I hit pause.

“That’s not a spaceship, it’s a giant portabella! Hah!”

“No. It’s a spaceship. See?”

I flick rewind and the mushroom cloud shrivels up and sprouts into an ivory spaceship. Inside, seven astronauts are strapped in snugly. Pictures of their kids and parents sit neatly above their spaceship speedometer. The speedometer clocks out at twenty thousand miles a minute. They’re on their way to build on the moon: an amusement park with real life astronauts and moon creatures and hot dog stands that only sell green cheese.

But every time I hit play, they explode again. No matter how much I want them to get to the moon, to build that amusement park that I too will one day explore, they fail.

I hold my breath until seventy three seconds, then the portabella sprouts again and I’m left disappointed.

“Haven’t you watched this enough? Let’s watch House.”


“What are you looking for?”

“I don’t know. Something in the mushroom, I think.”

There’s a loud sigh and I’m left alone, hitting the rewind button again and again.

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