The Spider Queen – Curse #197

Posted on April 16, 2011


The minimalist tells his girlfriend, after they have moved in together, that he hates all of their stuff. I want to have one suitcase and two boxes worth of possessions and nothing more, he says.  I would feel free like this, he says.

Years later, he finds himself in the fifth bedroom, digging through knick-knacks — toys guns, two thousand pounds of China, and an assortment of expired food items. He sniffs the air and thinks he may smell a dead monster in the closet. Sometimes he gets lost on the way to the bathroom at night and has to urinate wherever he can find a secluded spot. He has not been out of the house in months because he cannot find the front door. There is a room on the third floor reserved only for doors, but he thinks that she has placed them there as a humorous jab. They do not lead anywhere.

She has spun a web of objects around him, like a spider queen capturing a fly, keeping him firmly in place.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse