Vicious – Comfort #2323

Posted on April 15, 2011


There is this husband and this wife that live in the desert. When they were young they lived in the city, which was violently full of life. Now they live in this barren desert full of cactus and whiskey and snakes and coyotes — these things that are very vicious. He is always telling her that he values how vicious their love is. One time, when she thought that he would leave her, she pumped his car full of bullet holes. Another time he received thirty stitches from a rolling pin. He tells her that vicious is the only human emotion that he trusts. You always know, he says, that if someone is being vicious, it is authentic. People don’t fake that. People are damn good at vicious.

They spend their time in the desert drinking whiskey in the cactus patches, inviting the snakes and coyotes over to swap stories only to get them disgustingly drunk and rob them.