Found Inside a Well – Comfort #4381POE

Posted on April 11, 2011


A Maiden has awoke to find herself in a dark pit. There is water up to her knees and she is staring at the light that shines down from the above ground world.

That is some shining light, says a Fish.

Who said that, says the Maiden.

Me, says the Fish. Down here.

Oh, says the Maiden. The Maiden has always wanted a puppy, maybe a terrier or a Great Dane, but now she has this fish and it doesn’t excite her all that much. She would rather eat a fish than pet one. I thought I was alone in this place, says the Maiden.

No, I am here too, says the Fish. The Fish has always wanted a human, and he is quite happy to have found this Maiden sharing a pit with him. Just you and I and the shining light, says the Fish.

Shining light, says the Maiden. I hate that. I hate that phrase.

Why do you hate that phrase, says the Fish.

It is such a cliche, says the Maiden. The Maiden jumps as the fish darts between her legs.

Cliche, says the Fish. That is funny. Are you not a maiden in distress?

No, says the Maiden. I am just lost.

Do you know what kind of fish I am, says the Fish.

No, says the Maiden. I can’t see very well. There is only that bright light above us.

I’ll let you guess, says the Fish. I have big eyes, says the Fish.

Are you a walrus, says the Maiden.

No, says the Fish. I have big teeth.

I give up, says the Maiden. What are you?

I am a piranha, says the Fish. But I promise not to bite you.

That would be very kind, says the Maiden. She sloshes as far away from the Fish as she can. Oh dear, says the Maiden. I wish I knew how to get out of this mine shaft.

This is not a mine shaft, says the Fish.

The Maiden says, is it a well?

No, says the Fish. That would be cliche.

It is a well, says the Maiden.

No, says the Fish. Don’t you smell that? This is a sewer.